SalesStrat is a web based application that allows you to document, measure and report the value added savings you help your customers to achieve through your value added solutions, and to make Total Cost savings proposals to both your existing and potential accounts.

The software provides four methods for measuring and reporting the savings achieved and/or making proposals of the potential savings you can help your customers to attain. The purpose of providing four methods is to find the ones that best meet your sales team’s needs.

Each solution can be reported separately or around any time frame you select across all four methods. The single report is used to show the savings immediately after a solution is provided (retention) or as a proposal to show your customer the advantage of your solution.

Each solution shows the annual savings, but allows you to show the accumulated impact as well. The accumulated impact is a powerful tool for both selling your solution and proving long term impact.

Industry reports can also be run, showing a potential customer what you have accomplished in their industry already (and what you could do for them) as a means for opening the door to that account.

Reports can be run company wide, for specific divisions are even specific plants.

Goal can be set by customer and salesperson to help you better track contractual savings or internal benchmarks.

Perhaps one of the most powerful aspects of the software are the Guides. Guides are calculators you set up around your solutions. They make the task of documenting extremely fast for your salesforce, and can have advantages for both Distributors and Manufacturers.